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Monthly Archives: Май 2006

On past weekends I and my hostel neighbor Alex were attempted to make a sky-drop.
Location: Kirjach, Vladimirskaya Oblast.
Airbase: Striji.

But in case of strong wind and rainy weather, all drops for first-timers had been banned :(

Some photos

We are about to done it, and ‘ll return there soon.


As soon as i return from caucasus, next adventure begins. It was a rowing on catamaran along Medvedica river in Tverskay Oblast, Russia from 7 till 9 may 2006. Some photos uploaded.

Just back from Pyatigorsk.

Visited (links to photos):

Many photos available. Low clouds and fogs mostly covered mountain’s peaks and summits, but sights nevertheless are breathtaking. Er, there mostly my girlfriend on pictures by the way ;)